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ClickIPO Marketplace?

ClickIPO enables everyday individual investors to easily discover and invest in public offerings. Investors can use ClickIPO to invest in companies at the Initial Public Offering price (with no additional fees or commissions), before the shares trade on a stock exchange.

How Does It Work?

Score Priority Clients download the app to browse IPO and Secondary Offerings.
Connect your SP brokerage account to the app to place orders for IPO and Secondary Offerings.
ClickIPO Securities aggregates customer orders, along with other brokerages, and places one order with the Underwriter.
ClickIPO Securities then reallocates shares to Score Priority, and ClickIPO software allocates shares into SP client accounts.

What We Offer

Score Priority offers a wide spectrum of high-quality and tech-advanced services with low pricing. We have combined brokerage services and modern technologies to provide traders with the best technology, tools, and support needed to effectively manage their investments.



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