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A wealth of trading and investing choices - all in one place.

Stock Trading

Actively trade or buy-and-hold. Focus on domestic opportunities or expand internationally. Target value or growth. Invest for dividend income or capital appreciation. Focus on reliable blue-chip moneymakers or pursue up-and-coming mid- and small-cap companies.

Pay lower commissions, earn potentially higher returns

Our stock commissions trading structure allows you to trade equities with as low as zero commissions. Keep more of your trading capital and pay fewer brokerage fees.

  • Trade stocks for as low as $0 per trade
  • Superior price execution reduces standard bid-ask spreads
  • Take advantage of our stock lending program to earn yield on any shares you lend out

Lower your stock trading costs and maximize your returns with SPC Trading

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Our options trading tools allow you to analyze and execute any strategy to manage risk or generate income.

Lower commissions, higher potential returns

Trade options with commissions that are among the industry’s lowest. Our commission rate is just $0.50 per US options contract.

Execute sophisticated options trading strategies

Sterling Trader Pro is one of the leading direct-access trading platforms. It contains robust options trading tools with advanced charting and over 60 configurable studies, giving access to over 90,000 instruments.

Create strategies and combinations that can express a variety of views about the markets:

  • Price speculation and market direction
  • Volatility
  • Time decay
  • Hedge against potential losses
  • Reduce or augment risk sensitivities

Take advantage of our advanced charting, order, and analysis tools to design options strategies to meet your individual trading goals

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Full access to futures trading to achieve your trading and risk management objectives.

Low commissions

Trade futures at commission rates among the very lowest in the industry. Start from $1 per contract.

Diversify across markets, products and geography

Gain access to over 5,000 instruments. Bet on price movements or hedge against holdings across a variety of asset markets globally:

  • Equity indices
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Soft commodities
  • Bonds
  • Interest rates
  • Volatility indices
  • Metals
  • Currencies
Advanced trading technology

OEC Trader is our free futures and futures options platform. We are continuously expanding our suite of trading tools to enhance our clients’ trading experience. Receive advanced charting and orders features, access indicators and strategies, create strategies in simulated or live environments, view risk management insights, and much more.

Trade futures among various asset classes and global markets at commission rates among the very lowest in the industry

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We provide broad access to a variety of government, corporate, and municipal fixed-income securities.

Discover the advantages of bond trading at SPC

Enjoy the advantages of multiple fixed income instruments – We offer multiple bond products to meet your trading needs. Choose from government, corporate, and U.S. Government fixed-income securities all from a single account.

Low, transparent commissions – We act as an agency broker and charge a small commission.

Gain access to fixed-income trading at low, transparent prices

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ETFs give you the diversification benefits of mutual funds with the same flexibility of stocks.

A Growing Asset Class

More investors are taking advantage of this growing part of the investment world. Trade stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies in both domestic and international markets.

ETFs trade like stocks and provide certain advantages for investors over mutual funds. You can enjoy lower expense ratios, enhanced transparency through daily holding period reporting, options trading and short-selling, and greater liquidity.

Choose the ETF that meets your specific trading needs to gain broad exposure to the global markets.

Low Costs and Minimal Commissions

Take advantage of our commission-free opportunities on stocks and ETFs.

Maximize your returns on SPC’s equities trading platform

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Mutual Funds

Individually selected investments managed by professional investors.

Choose from a Variety of Funds

SPC provides access to over 10,000 mutual funds from around the world. Mutual funds provide access to various asset classes and investment strategies to effectively diversify your portfolio. Gain access to actively managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and commodities in a low-cost format.

Lower your trading costs and begin maximizing your investment returns with SPC Trading

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