Multi-Leg Options

Score Priority now supports multi-leg options strategies for traders who qualify for options trading.

Multi-leg options are two or more option orders that a trader can buy or sell simultaneously. You can see how to place multi-leg options using the Score Priority Trading Platform in the video below.

Multi-Leg Options Orders

With multi-leg options orders, you can simultaneously buy and sell options, offering you more opportunities to customize your trading strategy. Placing a multi-leg option order will let you execute up to four legs in one order on the Score Priority platform, so you can set the net price for the entire strategy at once.

  • Preset strategies give you a starting place to load your trade ticket
  • Gain/loss calculator shows you max gain, max loss and breakeven points
  • Position management features let you select and open, close, or roll option legs
  • Position views rollup calculations by strategy and underlying so you can track your portfolio’s profit and loss (P&L) and Greek values

How to Trade Multi-Leg Options

You can request options approval while opening an account, or request to add or upgrade your option approval level for an account that is already open. You will be able to trade up to 4 legs in one order for strategies your account is approved to trade.

To open a multi-leg options ticket:
  1. Click on Option Chain
  2. Select New Order
  3. Choose a Strategy from the drop-down menu to load a default instance of a strategy
  4. Customize your order legs
  5. When you’re ready, select Review Order
  6. Place a trade by choosing Send Order

Start Trading

What Are Multi-Leg Options?

An option is a contract for the right to buy or sell an asset at a certain price (the strike price) for a certain period of time. Investors can purchase a call option (a contract to buy) or a put option (a contract to sell) that may be exercised (acted upon) before a certain date. When the date expires, the asset can be exercised or assigned to buy or sell the asset at the strike price. Instead of executing one option at a time, a multi-leg option describes an order trade that involves two or more options for a combined price.

The Score Priority eBook INTRO TO MULTI-LEG OPTIONS presents more information on strategies and associated risks, including examples.

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