Trading Services

Get the most out of SPC Trading Services with a wide array of servies and products available at your fingertips.

Account Management

Quickly access your account information, trading platform, Morning Star research tool, Market Data options and much more.

Transfer & Pay

Start here to fund your account, transfer funds or positions, setup direct deposit, and view your transaction history.

Stay Current

Your dashboard provides a summary or your account balances, portfolio performance, and market activity.

Access to Global Markets

Get direct access to stocks, options, ETFs, futures, FX, fixed income, and mutual funds.

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Low Cost

We provide low, transparent commissions and financing rates to go along with superior price execution to maximize your returns.

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Premier Technology

Use SPC's award-winning platforms and technology and our powerful assortment of free portfolio, account managements, and trading tools to help you manage your investment decisions.

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The Club

Access the Club to talk trades, find market news, read trader blogs or start to build your following.

Customizable feed with the most actionable news from the market and trading ideas from market professionals trading stocks, ETFs, futures. options, currencies, REITs, commodities. Read a blog or write a blog and start building a trader following of your own, Lead discussion and learn together. Journal your trades.

We provide a number of services that help traders to improve their strategies and make the process of decision-making easier.

Score Priority Active Trading


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margin rate



Platforms with Low Monthly Feed


Free Simulator

& Money Manager Opportunity

At Score Priority, we understand that professional traders demand a specialized level of service: elite low-latency technology, efficient Tradedesk support and cost effective, flexible pricing tier

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Trade Advisor

Select from thousands of actively and passively managed portfolios within our trader network to follow, copy, or auto-invest alongside them.

The Future of Trading

We make trading and investing transparent and easy, saving you time and money along the way. Trade Advisor allows you to select from thousands of actively managed portfolios within our trader network.

Enjoy low-cost access to Trade Advisor's actively managed portfolios

Robo-Advisory Services for Sophisticated Traders

Trade Advisor is fundamentally about crowdsourcing investment ideas and sharing them with a broader community of traders and investors. Each profile shows full transparency over virtually everything you need to know to make a decidion as to whether it fits your personal needs and expectations. This includes returns, drawdowns, performance trends, holdings and percentage allocations, a computer- and/or user-generated synopsis of the trading style, popularity based on follower count, and any relevant trading activity.


Free Trade Analysis

Connect your account and let our trade analysis tool review your trade history. Find your most common mistakes and widen your trading view. Simple, easy, and free.

Connect account


Prove that you are a trader and get a funded account up to $100,000.

In order to get access to the funded account and start trading, you need to show that you are not only making the profit, but also mitigating the risks, taking the profits right on time and avoiding any significant drawdown. The Challenge is a free contest with one qualifying round and 2 test stages, and each of them would have its own requirements for profits and drawdowns. Pass the challenge and get access to your funded account for a monthly subscription.

Get Started

How it Works


Sign up and get an initial balance of $30,000, $50,000, or $100,000.


Pass the qualifying round and 2 stages of tests.


Get access to the funded account.

Why Participate?

  • No risk for your own funds at the qualifying round
  • Real quotes, professional trading platforms
  • Account management platform with trading statistics available at any point of time

* Monthly subscription to the second and the third stages is from $100 to $300 (depending on the initial deposit).

Institutional Services

Registered Representative Broker

Discover how to obtain the maximum support for your business as an independent registered representative of SPC (a registered broker/dealer)

Are you interested in setting up your own business but lack the necessary staff, office space or tech needed for such a venture? You can now have the rewards of running your own business with complete ownership of it and your book while getting the support you need from our infrastructure, staff, and location.

  • We have years of experience supporting a wide variety of broker/advisory business models • High net worth wealth managers
  • 401k/retirement plan specialists
  • Advisors managing their own equity, fixed income, ETF, and mutual fund strategies
  • Institutional brokers processing transactions for banks, broker/dealers, trust companies and investment managers with full trading support from our desks

Choosing to register with our broker/dealer affords you the most comprehensive compliance, operations, and product support that we have available. Having these functions readily available within the same location allows you to concentrate on your clients and grow your practice while leaving the details to us.

Trading & Execution Services

Premier Trading & Execution Services for Investment Professionals and Financial Institutions

Consistent with our customer-focused and non-competitive ethic, our equity trading desk acts as an agency desk with respect to our customers’ business. An agency trading desk executes orders for its clients and does not try to match trades, make markets, or engage in proprietary trading. Our only agenda is to provide high-quality and cost-effective executions, acting in effect as an extension of our clients’ business.

Four convenient ways to trade:

  • Electronically with the Score Priority+ broker workstation
  • Electronically with Sterling Trader Pro®: Our direct access institutional trading platform • FIX connectivity to third party order management systems
  • By phone, instant messenger, or fax to our trading room
Hybrid Advisors

The hybrid model supports the advisor who maintains both a fee-based advisory business through an independently owned RIA, and commission-based brokerage business as a registered representative of Score Priority.

As an independent RIA, you will have maximum flexibility to develop your own business and investment strategies while branding your business under your RIA name. SPC provides custody, trading, and technology support to your RIA. At the same time, the full range of broker/dealer products and services are available to support your commission business.

Operations & Compliance Support

Hands on Back Office Support Tailored to Your Needs

Hands on Back Office Support Tailored to Your Needs

SPC has built an infrastructure of support for your practice so you can concentrate on serving your clients and growing your business while we attend to many of your back office details. Beginning with the safety of your clients’ assets and following through all aspects of daily operations, we are focused on simplifying your practice operations through state-of-the-art technology and hands-on personal service.

SPC processing technology and highly professional operations staff enable us to deliver quality in this most critical area. Every securities processing task — receipt and delivery of securities, collection of income and dividends, wire transfers, corporate action notification, cashiering, and margin activities — has an immediate impact on client accounts. We never lose sight of just how important it is that all of these functions proceed smoothly. That’s why we strive for error-free performance and why we continually enhance our services in these areas.

Our affiliated independent financial advisors who choose a business model that involves commissions will be registered through our broker-dealer, SPC, which is registered in every state in the United States, plus the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Our compliance department employs a thorough but common sense approach to compliance that will help you keep your practice compliant while you are busy serving your clients and growing your business. In addition to our on-site audits of offices, our compliance will monitor trading activities, assist with any customer inquiries, and review marketing materials.


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