New name and updated branding

New name and updated branding are next steps in the company's journey to transform into a destination for traders

New York City, January 9, 2020 Just2Trade – a global online brokerage and trading firm – announced today that it is changing its name to Score Priority “SPC”. The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment and its expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the future of investing through its suite of trading services.

Score Priority is shaping the future of financial services around trader success. The goal is for traders to get in the markets and have success expanding their trading capabilities and focusing on the score. The score is more than a winning trade; it is how traders perform and manage their trading that determines their long term in the markets.

SPC’s mission is making great traders.

Trading is not a career, it is a business, and it requires complete commitment. Traders have to be willing to take risks that no one else would, to achieve what others can only imagine. Score Priority is an exclusive club for those focused on being the best and achieving success. SPC is a community focused on building successful trading businesses, whether that is becoming a hedge fund manager, a professional trader, or a hobbyist.

“Over the last six months, Score Priority developed a robust services roadmap to build a comprehensive ecosystem to help traders go after the future they want in the markets. With pricing pressure creating a more challenging environment for online brokers, SPC felt that the timing was ideal to stop focusing on the trade and start focusing on the trader. Our new digital presence and brand identity are just the beginning of a vision designed around traders and helping them develop successful trading businesses.” said Jay Proffitt, Managing Director of Global Marketing, Score Priority.

Along with the name change, Score Priority will launch its new brand identity, logo, and website, which are intended to more clearly represent the company’s comprehensive ecosystem and value to traders. These changes come at a time when the company is relaunching its service offerings and expanding its capabilities for active and institutional traders.

Just2Trade becomes the backbone of Score Priority and continues to provide an industry-leading online discount stock brokerage service. Score Priority provides a zero commission pricing structure, robust proprietary investing tools, and access to third-party platforms, all designed to provide traders with the market access they need to be successful.

WhoTrades will now become Score Priority Club, where 1.5 million traders form a powerful social platform discussing the markets and opportunities in them. Score Priority Club is a social network for traders, with customizable news feeds from the market and trading ideas from market professionals discussing and trading ETFs, futures, options, currencies, REITs, and commodities.

SPC Try2bfunded, formerly Try2bfunded, is a new subscription service that provides capital for traders at different levels. Traders pass a few challenges and get approved for Try2bfunded opening up more opportunities for traders with less funding or looking to expand their potential profits.

SPC Trade Analysis tool is built to review trading decisions and guide traders on optimal outcomes for specific trades. Knowing how you are doing in your trades helps you see the score and focus on improving.

SPC Novoadvisor, formerly known as Novoadvisor, is a unique new service designed for multiple levels of traders, the new trader can follow or have their account traded by experienced traders using different strategies. More experienced traders can build a following and potentially move toward our institutional platforms with a group of followers.

SPC Institutional is a new unique business model and value proposition built on best-in-breed alternatives across the entire institutional product suite, on a pure agency broker basis. This approach enables our institutional clients to access and benefit from technology and execution platforms managed by SPC Institutional in partnership with world-class, industry-leading product providers for market access to all U.S. equity and options exchanges and the most competitive dark pools.

If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the name change, they may contact us at or call corporate headquarters at (855) 274-4934.

SOURCE: Score Priority


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